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Susan Rivers


GREENTREE FIBER ARTS (nee Greentree Quilts)

Lovingly crafted works of art.

From her studio in New York State, Fiber Artist Susan Rivers creates unique works of art using fabric, thread and her vivid imagination.

Susan has been drawn to fabric all her life.  “The softness of flannel, the texture of a quilted piece, the play of light and color in a dupioni silk– it all speaks to me,” she confides.

In her own words…

“As the sole designer and crafter, I take great pride in my work and customer satisfaction is paramount. I have been sewing and selling my quilts through galleries, museum shops, select retail venues and personal referrals for many years. I have also had the good fortune to be featured in in the Boston Globe Magazine “Hotlines” section, the Albany Times UnionSpaces Magazine, the National Quilting Association Quilting Quarterlythe Schenectady Gazette and on WNYT Channel 13 (NBC).


Susan Rivers

Fabric Memoir Presentation

With Jessica Layton

Channel 13, WNYT


Repeat customers comprise the largest share of my business. Truly my greatest satisfaction comes when I hear of one of my quilts becoming a beloved “blanky” or when when of my custom “Fabric Memoirs” brings back a treasured memories.

Please contact me to discuss your special requests. I look forward to creating a custom made piece for you!

What’s in a name?

The name Greentree is a tribute to my grandfather, Mr. Henry Leo Grunbaum. “Grunbaum” means “Greentree” in German.  My Grandfather worked in the Garment District in NYC and would bring home swatches of sample fabrics which I coveted and collected. Thus began my illustrious career as a fabric hoarder. Before I could operate a sewing machine or even wield a pair of scissors, I would lay pieces side by side or have an adult cut a hole in the center in order to make Barbie one more poncho. Through my Comfort Quilt Project and as the founder of organizations that support both artists and charities I also seek to carry on my Grandfather’s legacy of community service and philanthropy.”

Susan A. Rivers

Additional Details

  • Studio Number:304