I intend to grab the viewers’ interest, to intrigue and coax them into taking a closer look, to understand and explore the the form.

Artist Statement

My work incorporates forms and essences from the natural world. In observing the interplay of form and function found in the natural world, my goal is to create work that draws people to explore this dynamic interplay. I do not strive to duplicate, but to integrate elements of these organic forms into each one of my pieces. The medium of metal lends itself to developing these naturalistic forms with the durability and integrity afforded by hand wrought metal.

My openness to new and different styles of metal forming and forging processes is what I would consider my greatest strength. I intend to grab the viewer’s interest, to intrigue; coaxing the viewer to take a closer look, and to invoke a desire for understanding of the form.

Additional Details

  • Studio Number:307