Craftsmanship is something that develops slowly over time through years of steady practice. It is about showing up everyday and doing the same thing over and over. – Michelle Skiba
The Calling
I grew up studying music and literature, worked in graphic design, and then discovered metalwork traveling through Western China, Tibet, Nepal and India. There, a Tibetan woman’s exquisitely sculpted earrings of coral, turquoise and gold whispered my name in luminous syllables.

The Work
I make my jewelry with traditional metalsmithing tools and techniques in a bright, welcoming workshop with care and presence. I work intuitively, enjoying the tactile, visual and energetic resonance of the materials. My recent work pairs hand bead-woven elements with gold, silver, and extraordinary gemstones – particularly natural druzies, sapphires and diamonds .

In the News

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Additional Details

  • Studio Number:313